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Read our firm's statements on social and environmental purpose, initiatives, and stewardship.


We believe our greatest social initiative as a firm is promoting the concept of living your values, and helping other business owners and entrepreneurs to do the same.  We can not contribute to a better business world, and better world as a whole, without being true to ourselves in a proactive and forward thinking manner.  We seek to attract and radiate only the truest light.

With a more detailed view point, LEACIF's social initiatives include:

  • Working with others whose core values align with ours.  This includes clients, team members, business partners, vendors and all other stakeholders.  It also includes choosing community and business events whose promotors act and believe in similar concepts;

  • Promoting individualism, self-awareness, and self-betterment.  We are who we are, and we all have the responsibility to live and seek to be our best, egoless versions.  We are each a piece of the complete puzzle, no one better than the other;

  • Uplifting and supporting new and small entrepreneurs.  We believe that small businesses are the real game changers, both in their profession and skill, and in leading and living with their values;

  • Bringing 'big business' services to small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs;

  • Supporting community organizations whose funding directly impacts people's lives for the better, and seeks to empower them.  We support progress and fostering ability and achievement;

  • Advocating for greater awareness, acceptance, and proactive conformity and implementation to standards, regulations, and ethics among the accounting profession;

  • Developing and pursuing thought leading and educational resources for our staff, clients, and profession.


We believe strongly in the concept of continual connection and holistic awareness of possibilities effecting our greater impact as humans.  We are connected to each other, and to every part of the environment around us.  Can you imagine if 'air' was not an empty space or a barrier, but a continuation of yourself and your world as one?  We can.

An appreciation for the environment begins with individual understanding.  Where one person cannot feel right about walking past trash on the ground without picking it up, another may have no such reservations and throw their garbage down without a thought.  Or, where one might believe that all life is valuable and here for a purpose greater than what we may understand, another can only comprehend their own perceived advantages.  The difference, simply put, is awareness.  

LEACIF believes:

  • Our actions today affect our future tomorrow.  Reflecting on the concept of living in one's environment for 500 or even 1,000 years, can have a significant impact on our daily actions towards the health of our world;

  • Individuals and corporations have the responsibility to be accountable to caring for their environment and themselves; 


  • Balanced, happy, and proactive mindsets are often able to better tune their awareness of themselves and to their environment.  We want to sustain a firm environment that supports healthy internal and external mindsets;

  • Nature is self-sustaining, living, healing, and adaptable.  We are here to learn from, not take advantage of;


  • It is our responsibility to align with nature, not the other way around;

  • A hike in the woods is an excellent way to clear your mind and reenergize your spirit;

  • From dust, to dust.  Our founding purpose is to take care of a garden. 

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Social and Environmental

Social and


Read our firm's statements on social and environmental purpose, initiatives, and stewardship.

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