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Vision and History


LEACIF's vision is founded on a passion for accounting, innovation, and process improvement.


LEACIF's vision began as an improved approach to managed accounting services. This meant delivering accounting services in a manner aligned with traditional attributes of professionalism and integrity, coupled with flexibility, timeliness, and embracement of modernization. Why? Because we have a passion for the accounting profession, and believe there is a better way forward for professionals, clients, and business processes.  Our vision today is built on this foundation.

Our clients are important to us and drive our firm's purpose. Delivering thorough, high quality services is our standard. In providing our services, we envision a relationship with our clients that is a strategic, valuable, and comprehensive alliance.  From this high-level perspective, ours and our clients' goals are mutually aligned and represented.  

Our people are everything. Our values and who we are, are critical.  LEACIF's vision includes building and sustaining an environment where flexibility, knowledge expansion, self-care, and individual betterment are at the forefront.  We want everyone to thrive in being their best.  In order to uplift and continuously pursue this goal, we are committed to a holistic approach that considers all aspects of our firm, its internal and external relationships, and their alignment with our mission and core values. We are people first, and accountants and business owners second.

Improving business means better processes, more innovative and proactive expectations, and re-evaluating the scope of value that we all create. We envision our role as contributing to a more forward thinking business environment that supports a higher standard of doing and being. By embracing creativity and modern processes, we are able to uphold an approach conducive to a better version of work-life balance, a more beneficial and sustainable professional services model, and the ability to support small businesses and entrepreneurship in exciting and comprehensive ways.

We visualize and believe that when you love what you do, and can feel good about doing it, everything else naturally falls into place. 


Like all great histories, our firm's is unique, and our road is authentic.  The concept of LEACIF began with the mindset that business accounting could be done in a better way, that was efficient, secure, and most importantly, offered a progressive and flexible work life for everyone involved.  After initially leaving public accounting several years earlier in favor of the office technology sector, and being immersed in digital concepts to improve office workflow and data management, an idea was born.


What if businesses could just push a button, and all of their accounting work could easily make its way to their accountant, efficiently and in a manner that both information and deliverables could be managed as painlessly as possible for both the client and their professional service provider?


While life can be that simple, it often is not practical outside of the idea itself.  Hence, LEACIF first came to be as a hybrid alternative to an in-house accountant or bookkeeper, coupled with the embracement of technology to improve efficiency, reliability in processes, and of course, flexibility. 


Fast forward to today, and you will find many larger accounting firms beginning to embrace the concept of managed client accounting services. We are both proud and humbled to be aware of our thought leadership and innovative approach, and know the best is always yet to come!

Check out historical highlights about LEACIF below.


LEACIF is founded to provide virtual accounting services, technology vendor management, and assist with paperless and digital office management. The firm demonstrates a commitment to technology forwardness and innovation. Target clients include manufacturers, small businesses, professional service providers, and not-for-profit organizations.


LEACIF attends its first community and business expo at The Center for Innovation in Lapeer Michigan, promoting business accounting and process improvement services. Giveaways include a four foot tall morning glory plant, vegetable seeds, and brochures and stickers with the phrase "possibilities are endless when viewed from the right perspective".


LEACIF is back! The firm slowly comes back online, providing managed accounting services, and scaled bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting services. The firm's logo, representing the resonating growth of a seed, is updated.


LEACIF continues to develop its refocused approach, internal processes, quality control, and enterprise risk management, as well as solidify new and expanded competencies and service offerings.


The valuable experience and knowledge gained from building, operating, and exiting the separate firm started four years earlier is viewed as second to none.


LEACIF continues to evolve its branding to remain in alignment with the firm’s strategic initiatives and growth over the previous 2.5 years and makes a lasting change to its logo.


The only version to be created entirely from scratch, what first began with a goal of improvement of the previous logo representative of a seed, grew into what we believe represents LEACIF’s vision as holistically as any logo can. Simply put, harmony between our foundation and our future.


While the representation of nature and technology is apparent at first glance and aligns well with our core service delivery, most importantly, we believe the change also profoundly represents the concepts within our vision statement.


LEACIF Timeline.png


LEACIF begins advertising via direct mail flyers, letters and brochures, Facebook ads, Yelp, and Yodle, with a focus on accounting and technology services.


The firm's first relevant sales lead comes from Yodle. LEACIF proposes virtual managed accounting services for a small sports supply and apparel retailer in Oakland County, Michigan.


LEACIF begins offering accounting services to the cannabis community and emerging regulated businesses. Tax and accounting compliance resources and professional services are needed greatly for this new and complex industry.


With a focus on client service and the goal of passionately pursuing the industry, the firm's virtual managed accounting services approach soon proves successful.


LEACIF is put on hold the following summer. Our founder begins a new firm 100% focused on supporting Michigan's cannabis industry. The new firm provides accounting, tax, and assurance services. 


LEACIF officially relaunches, including with a new website, expanded services, and communication of the core values that drive our firm. New services include cybersecurity, risk management, and internal systems advisory, startup consulting, and firm to firm services. Managed accounting services and tax advisory services are expanded to provide additional value and support more complex business scenarios.


Additional industries are also supported, better representing and aligning with the firm's service goals and foundational competencies.


LEACIF continues to lead in innovation and support intentional betterment of the business community and accounting profession.

Innovate your expectations.




The pursuit of betterment, accountability, and passion underly and drive who we are.

Vision and History


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LEACIF's vision is founded on a passion for accounting, innovation, and process improvement.



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