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Firm to Firm


Advisory and assistance with best practices, process improvement, and professional matters.

Small Firm Process Management

We offer one of a kind process improvement and advisory services designed to increase quality management and compliance for small bookkeeping and accounting firms.  As with all professional accounting services, standards, rules, and regulations must be at the forefront for all work performed.  LEACIF's goal is to assist bookkeepers, accounting support professionals, and small firms with understanding and implementing quality management and other best practices based on accepted professional standards and publications, in a comprehensive and efficient manner that works for them.  While accounting, auditing, quality, and professional ethics standards may not be required for our small firm clients, we believe that applying the concepts found in these standards can not only improve quality and integrity of work, but the firm's quality of clients, internal interactions, and ability to create and sustain value. 

For new bookkeepers and accounting support professionals just starting out, as well as those who are experienced, we can provide assistance with related frameworks and tools, guidance for IRS tax matters including Publication 4557, and incorporating applicable standards concepts into best practices.  We also offer advisory and mentorship services where appropriate. 

We understand the intricacies of building and operating a small practice.  Our goal is to elevate and support your firm on the backend, creating value and helping you more confidently grow and manage your client base and service capacity.

Tax Matter Advisory

LEACIF offers advisory related to tax matters and accounting issues for clients of legal firms, bookkeeping and small accounting firms, and consulting firms.  We work directly with your firm or team to support professional tax and accounting needs, including tax accounting and regulatory compliance, as well as assistance with more complex accounting transactions.  Whether you prefer we work with you and your team only, or interact with your client directly, our goal is to support your firm in its service delivery.

For legal firms and attorneys, we specialize in assisting firms and their clients with understanding tax implications related to Subchapter K (partnership) matters, along with governance agreements and contracts, including for startups, reorganizations, and exit scenarios.  We also advise on industry specific matters, including cannabis, digital assets, and property leasing.

Bookkeeping Firm Startup, Reorganization, and Exit Consulting

Are you a new entrepreneur starting a bookkeeping firm?  Or are you ready to take on partners, or even sell your practice?  Let us help you benefit from our first-hand experience in these areas, with a direct, open, and authentic approach.


Innovate your expectations.

Managed Accounting



Fractional accounting department services managed to scale with your financial strategy.

Tax Advisory



Compliance, planning, research, and resolution for unique or complex tax matters.

Cybersecurity Advisory



Cybersecurity risk management program and system and organization controls advisory.

Risk Management



Comprehensive enterprise risk management advisory solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Systems Control



Integrated approaches to enhancing entity wide control over systems, processes, and procedures.

Startup Consulting



Guidance, coaching, and advisory supporting new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Firm to Firm


to Firm

Advisory and assistance with best practices, process improvement, and professional matters.

Special Purpose Engagements

Special Purpose


Purpose driven consulting and advisory projects to support strategic initiatives and value creation.

We support several leading and forward thinking industries that are meaningfully aligned with our firm's service intent and delivery.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and


About Us

Our mission is to provide services in a manner reflective of our core values and spirit.  What inspires us?  Read more about LEACIF and what makes our firm unique. 

Core Values



We offer comprehensive accounting and advisory services designed to purposely impact value and strategic positioning for our clients.

Managed Accounting




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