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Governance and Leadership


Learn about our internal policies, important standards, and LEACIF's founder and CEO.


LEACIF was founded and continues to be governed by our leading core value, the pursuit of betterment.  With this ideal, and supported by our other core values of accountability and passion, the collective underlying traits are embodied in our firm's processes and structures.  In this endeavor, we believe an integrated perspective to quality management is best, as well as necessary.  Many of our internal systems and procedures rely on concepts and guidance found in the highest level of professional standards.  From communication, hiring, and client onboarding, to professional development, information awareness, and service delivery, we look to best practices as the minimum thresholds achievable.

We believe that quality control starts on day one and apply a thorough approach to client engagement and acceptance procedures, including ensuring our clients understand the complexities affecting their business, as well as their own best practices they can or should implement. We also apply an integrated approach to firm risk management, with procedures extended both firm wide, as well as to engagement level considerations.  We know that internal control and quality management are reliant on a strong and holistic approach to managing objectives and their related risks. Understanding the importance of communication in achieving these goals, we utilize documented policies, terms, and conditions, and value transparency of information in our client relationships.


All of our engagement partners, regardless of practice focus, intentionally complete the quality control course sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). When performing engagements, we follow the applicable professional standards promulgated by the AICPA.  Most of our engagements rely on Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services, Statements on Standards for Consulting Services, and Statements on Standards for Tax Services, in addition to quality management standards.  All of our engagement partners and managers confirm their understanding of relevant clarified standards on an engagement by engagement basis, including updates as appropriate. 

Professional ethics are at the core of the accounting profession, whether in public or private practice.  We believe these should be naturally and effortlessly embodied in all professionals and support staff here at LEACIF.  We provide access to comprehensive quality management and professional ethics training and ensure supporting resources are available to all of our team members.  Our hiring, as well as client acceptance processes, require consideration and professional judgement of an individual's or business's inherent capacity for ethical behavior and appreciation of quality. 

Data security and privacy are critical to us.  As part of our onboarding process and continuance of client service relationships, we require acceptance and adherence to our data privacy policy, which can be found here.

We value ours and our clients' time, need for professional services, and mutual accountability.  When recognized value and accountability in action exist, both client service relationships and our firm's internal environment flourish.  So do quality of work and life.  We do not track and judge time, nor make available such information, unless engaged for an hourly project.  Our goal is a comprehensive, quality, and valuable delivery in all of our engagements.


The greatest quality of leadership is the ability to inspire and uplift others.  LEACIF is built on leadership, innovation, and authenticity.  We want to break the mold and set the bar.  Through our leadership, we hope to build a better way, and empower others to pursue the same.  

We recognize that leadership comes in many forms, and believe the strongest leaders also uphold core values aligned with our own, both professionally and personally.  With these in place, and their accompanying characteristics, an inherent ability to effectively lead follows, whether as a seasoned business owner or new staff member.  

Internal Policies

We believe it is important to highlight internal policies that make LEACIF unique, and help uphold our standards of creating a better working environment for our team members.  Some of our policies include:


  • Our partners and managers know, appreciate, and are humbled by their responsibility to lead by example.  Our governing and quality management policies place an emphasis on behavioral traits, including strong ethics, and demonstration of leadership in action.

  • (Almost) no time keeping or entry.  Most of our engagements are based on a fixed service fee, including recurring managed accounting relationships with consulting and advisory components proactively considered ahead of time.  Unless a special project requires per hour billing, we do not burden our professional or administrative staff with time keeping management.  With accountability as one of our core values, an expectation of mutual accountability among both our internal and external relationships is inherent.

  • LEACIF believes in a holistic approach to healthy living, including physically and mentally.  While in office, we offer natural and organic snacks and beverages, including the option to make fresh juice.  During busier times, we offer activities and opportunities to promote mental clarity, relaxation, and creative thinking.  We have a no alcohol policy while in office.

  • Flexible work space.  Currently all work is performed from home offices, with our brick and mortar office undergoing improvements.  When complete, it will offer both individual offices and a collaborative work space that team members can utilize at their discretion.  

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The pursuit of betterment, accountability, and passion underly and drive who we are.

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LEACIF's vision is founded on a passion for accounting, innovation, and process improvement.



and Leadership

Learn about our internal policies, important standards, and LEACIF's founder and CEO.

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