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Data Privacy and Security


Review LEACIF's privacy policy and some of the steps we take to secure and protect client information.

Data Privacy

Expectations surrounding the safeguarding of data and effectiveness of controls over the collection, use, storage, and disposal of information are at increasingly high levels.  We are committed to maintaining robust privacy measures and being transparent about how we collect and use your information. We follow the Privacy Management Framework approved by the AICPA's Privacy Task Force and Information Management and Technology Assurance Executive Committee.


Please review LEACIF's Privacy Policy found at the below page link.

Data Security

While standards and regulations mandate security measures be in place to protect client and taxpayer information, LEACIF believes in applying an intentional and robust approach to data security and management.  Some of the controls we have in place include data encryption, use of multi-factor authentication, and a detective monitoring and alert system. 


From an overall control environment perspective, we believe data security begins and ends with users and stakeholders.  We provide data security training and resources to all of our team members, including additional annual training and updated information for our managing partners.  We also continuously evaluate our vendor and client relationships for adherence to, and appreciation of data security best practices.  Our technology vendors are evaluated based on specific criteria, including their ability to demonstrate third-party assurance of their data security and privacy measures, as well as reported breaches over a three year period, as reported to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).  Clients of LEACIF agree to follow our Privacy Policy, as well as additional data protection measures within our engagement terms.

To request more information regarding our data security or breach management policies, please reach out to us at

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Data Privacy

and Security

Review LEACIF's privacy policy and some of the steps we take to secure and protect client information.

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