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A Short Guide to Ethics

Our Firm's Policies and Interpretations

A Short Guide to Ethics

This Guide covers topics such as our Core Values, Principles of Professional Ethics, Communication with Our Team, Ethical Threats, Ethical Conflicts of Interest, Client Management Responsibilities, Data Privacy and Security, Client Safeguards, Attest Clients, Client Confidential Information, and Reporting an Incident with LEACIF.

The purpose of this Short Guide is to communicate LEACIF’s interpretations and expectations of ethical concepts and behavior as they relate to engagements with our clients. 


By publishing this Guide, we intend to provide information about our firm and its policies, as well as information that may be helpful to our clients and business community.


LEACIF performs engagements subject to quality control standards issued by the AICPA. We are currently implementing newly issued quality management standards, effective December 2025. LEACIF is committed to adhering to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, and its relevant ethical requirements for members in public practice.

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Recent Publications

Recent Publications

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Vision and History

Vision and


LEACIF's vision is founded on a passion for accounting, innovation, and process improvement.

Data Privacy and Security.png

Data Privacy and Security

Review LEACIF's privacy policy and some of the steps we take to secure and protect client information.




The pursuit of betterment, accountability, and passion underly and drive who we are.


Governance and


Learn about our internal policies, important standards, and LEACIF's founder and CEO.

Social and Environmental

Social and Environmental

Read our firm's statements on social and environmental purpose, initiatives, and stewardship.

Managed Accounting

Managed Accounting

Partnership Operating Agreement


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