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Property Leasing and Rentals


Advisory, planning, compliance, and accounting services for property lessees and lessors.

Lease accounting. Embedded service leases. Tax rentals and leases. We can help.

Our experience with leases and contracts encompasses much more than accounting and tax advisory, benefiting our clients with unique and insightful perspectives. 


The attention to lease accounting and tax compliance has increased over the last several years, with the implementation of new financial accounting standards requirements, increased income tax scrutiny, and emerging industries and service models utilizing lease structuring in new ways.  Our team has focused on the forefront of lease accounting matters, understanding and appreciating the need for accounting changes and more awareness of the complexities property leasing arrangements can bring.  

From intricate embedded service leases to simple equipment rentals and long-term real or personal property leases, our experience includes lease contract structuring, negotiation, marketing, and administering across several industries, in addition to accounting and tax compliance functions.  With a comprehensive perspective towards the leasing industry and its various components, we help our clients better identify, analyze, and manage their lease contract objectives and risks.

Some of the matters LEACIF can assist with include:

  • Lease and vendor contract analysis and risk assessment;

  • Personal property leases, including office or production equipment;

  • Real property leases;

  • Embedded service leases and equipment plus service leases;

  • Related party lease transactions;

  • Lease-back transactions;

  • ASC 842 considerations;

  • IRC § 467 considerations;

  • Managed accounting and tax advisory services;

  • Lease and rental agreement contracts;

  • Systems control, including vendor management considerations.

Innovate your expectations.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and 


Support and guidance for small and sole proprietor accounting and bookkeeping firms.



Industry leading, comprehensive solutions for cultivators, processors, distributors, and retailers.

Digital Assets



Accounting and advisory for digital asset transactions and virtual economic development.



Full scope services designed to support and uplift entrepreneurs and innovators.

eSports and Streaming


and Streaming

Compliance, record keeping, and accounting control for online gamers and eSports entrepreneurs.

Freelance and Self Employed

Freelance and


Scaled bookkeeping and tax planning solutions for freelancers, contractors, and sole proprietors.



Risk management, advisory, and special purpose projects for small and mid-sized manufacturers.

Natural Health and Wellness

Natural Health

and Wellness

Business services for natural and organic product producers and retailers, herbalists, and consultants.

Professional Services



Tailored approaches aligned to support legal, consulting, and other personal service professionals.

Property Leasing and Rentals

Property Leasing

and Rentals

Advisory, planning, compliance, and accounting services for property lessors and lessees.

We offer comprehensive accounting and advisory services designed to purposely impact value and strategic positioning for our clients.

Managed Accounting




About Us

Our mission is to provide services in a manner reflective of our core values and spirit.  What inspires us?  Read more about LEACIF and what makes our firm unique. 

Core Values



We support several leading and forward thinking industries that are meaningfully aligned with our firm's service intent and delivery.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and


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Founded and grounded in Michigan, U.S.  Established in 2014.

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